BTS-Jimin- continues-to-dominate-K-pop-star-list
Shown above are BTS members. Third from right is Jimin while second from right is V. Courtesy of Big Hit Entertainment

Boy group member tops podium for 16 straight months

BTS member Jimin was named the top idol for February to remain atop the table for 16 straight months, according to an analysis by the Korea Reputation Center (KRC).

The Seoul-based outfit collected 107 million pieces of data between January 13 and February 14 to evaluate the brand power of the country’s most prominent idol stars.

The KRC compiles related data, including media attention, comments on social networking sites, and people’s interests to come up with a brand index of entertainers on a monthly basis.

Jimin, the lead vocalist and main dancer of the seven-piece boy group, took the highest position by scoring 8.6 million points, down 7.04 percent from a month ago.

Cha Eun-woo from Astro assumed the second position with 6.84 million points, up 18.28 percent from January.

G-Dragon from Bing Bang got 5.3 million points, down 26.49 percent month-on-month, to place at third.

Jimin’s bandmate V followed G-Dragon with 5.19 million points, down 15.27 percent from a month before.

Coming at fifth was Rowoon of SF9, who gained 4.71 million points, down 3.34 percent.

With regard to Jimin, people talked about such issues as the contribution, ARMY, and ‘Black Swan,’” KRC CEO Koo Chang-hwan said. “Up to 89.54 percent of comments on him were positive.”

Jimin reportedly donated to replace about 1,200 tables for his alma mater in Busan. The contribution was made secretly during the winter vacation.

Brief for Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth, ARMY refers to loyal fans of BTS across the world.

BTS, otherwise known as the Bangtan Boys, is expected to release its fourth studio album “Map of the Soul: 7” late this week.

Black Swan” is one of 20 songs included in the upcoming album. A video clip featuring BTS’ performance of the song was recently disclosed.