BTS Jungkook wears a clerical robe for Buddhist monk. Image from BTS Twitter account

Youngest BTS member wears attire for Buddhist monk

It seems that everything BTS member Jungkook does or touches turns to gold. And this time around, it is about Korea’s traditional dress called hanbok.

On July 4, BTS left Korea to Japan for its world concert tour. As usual, fans cheered the seven-piece boy band at the Gimpo International Airport in western Seoul.

Taking the limelight was Jungkook as the youngest member of the world-famous K-pop group was spotted wearing a modernized hanbok.

Four days later, he also entered the country wearing the same attire with a black mask.

Fans’ reactions in both cases: the 21-year-old superstar can make anything look good as he manages to pull off hanbok in a trendy way, a difficult job even for top entertainers.

Korean fans praised Jungkook because hanbok is one of the most prized Korean cultural assets. They think that the BTS member demonstrated hanbok’s beauty and practicality to the world.

The Korean government has tried to promote hanbok by coming up with various campaigns.

In fact, this is not the first time for BTS to be involved in hanbok. In its music video for “Idol,” the lead single for its 2018 album “Love Yourself: Answer,” the group wore hanbok.

To the surprise of many, Jungkook’s attire is not just a modernized hanbok. It is a clerical robe for Buddhist monks as its maker, Zijangsa, is a specialized company for such clothes.

Indeed, there was almost no design on Jungkook’s hanbok.

After Jungkook showed off his hanbok fashion, so many BTS fans visited the website of Zijangsa to purchase the same one, which prompted the internet site to crash. The attire costs 34,000 won ($29). 

After releasing its fourth compilation album “Map of the Soul: Persona” in April, BTS has gone through a globe-trotting stadium tour over the past few months.


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