BTS member Jungkook/Courtesy of BigHit Entertainment

Youngest BTS member shows off swimming skills

He sings and dances on the stage. He quite often eats on Twitter. Now he swims. And whatever he does, fans go nuts. He is Jungkook, the youngest member of K-pop phenomenon BTS.

Two videos were uploaded to BTS Twitter account May 22 where Jungkook swims.

In the first one titled “Swimming,” he stands at the edge of a swimming pool in what seems to be a hotel. After perfecting his diving form, he goes off the deep to swim to the other side of the pool and makes a flip turn.

In the second one titled “Failing to turn,” the 21-year-old hops into the pool and approaches the pool end wall but fails to make a flip turn. Then, he raises his head out of the water while breathing hard.

Both videos attracted more than 3.5 million views in less than a day, respectively.

The two clips do not say who the swimmer is. As the camera is set up at the opposite end of the pool, it is difficult to identify who he is. But BTS fans guess that he should be Jungkook because he posted a workout video a few weeks ago.

The two videos where Jungkook shows off his beautiful strokes and kicks prompted many fans joke that he is the new Michael Phelps, who gathered 23 Olympics gold medals.

Michael Phelps retired because he knew Jungkook was coming,” one fan joked.

Earlier this year, Jungkook also posted three videos where he ate pizza, apple, and grilled fish steak to rack up more than 15 million views in total.


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