BTS member J-Hope's pictures at high school, left, and after debut, right. Courtesy of BigHit Entertainment

Did J-Hope get cosmetic surgery on his nose?

Did the members of K-pop superstar BTS get cosmetic surgery to look good on stage? As the boy band gets more popular across the world, more seem to ask the above-mentioned question.

Nobody knows for sure because BTS members or their agency BigHit Entertainment did not openly talk about the issue with the sole exception of its leader RM, the rapper whose real name is Kim Nam-joon.

Early last year, BigHit said that RM had surgery on his nose only for medical reasons – he could not breathe properly while singing and snored a lot.

Midway through last year, music video director Joseph Kahn tweeted with a picture of BTS, “They all have plastic surgery. They all wear lipsticks. This is what crazy rich Asians actually look like.”

The famous Korean-American artist is not the first guy to come up with the topic. In 2017, a media outlet interviewed a U.S. plastic surgeon to raise suspicions on some BTS members.

In particular, the anonymous surgeon took issue with J-Hope’s nose.

There are almost certainly several procedures performed. One thing to note here: this face for J-Hope is not a very typical Asian face. I have studied extensively in places like Seoul, and spent a lot of time in Asia working with Asian surgeons and patients,” the surgeon told Digital Music News.

Very rarely will you see an Asian person appearing like this without considerable surgery. The nose is the first thing you will notice here. You will observe substantial adjustments in both the bridge, slope contour, and overall size.”

ARMY, very loyal BTS fans, defended the seven-piece idol group by claiming that none of the members had plastic surgery and they just worked so hard to get where they are now.

Their rationale: If they had cosmetic surgery, they would have been honest about it just as RM was because in Korea, few celebrities are ashamed about plastic surgery.

J-Hope fans also argue that his long and straight nose is natural by showing his photos from his days at middle school and high school as evidence.

But again, nobody knows for sure except BTS members themselves and probably BigHit boss Bang Si-hyuk.

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