BTS member V faced rumors this week of dating a Korean businessman’s daughter. His agency HYBE instantly denied them. Photo courtesy of HYBE

Hybe debunks rumors, which went viral this week

Members of K-pop superstars BTS have faced various rumors about their dating partners since its debut in 2013. This time around, V has become the target.

This week, rumors circulated that the 25-year-old is dating the daughter of Paradise Co. Chairman Philip Chun. Paradise is one of the major hotel brands in Korea.

The speculations started as V attended the KIAF 2021 VVIP Preview event on Oct. 13. An internet user contended that Paradise Chairman Chun’s wife and daughter were also there.

The user claimed that V once wore a bracelet, a product made by the company of Chairman Chun’s daughter, and V uploaded a picture taken at a Paradise hotel.

BTS’s agency HYBE instantly debunked the rumors, saying that “V and Chairman Chun’s family are just acquaintances.”

V also came up with cryptic posts, indirectly expressing his anger by saying, “Pathetic.”

Rumors of other BTS members

V’s bandmates Jungkook and Suga were also involved in a similar situation.

In 2019, the former was rumored to data a tattoo artist, which was denied by HYBE. A year earlier (See the Korea News Plus article on Sept. 17), the latter was said to be in a relationship with a singer, which was also refuted by the music label.

BTS lead vocal Jimin also faced controversies in 2019 when a video clip was posted on Instagram where a lady gives a forehead flick to a young Asian who appears to be Jimin (See the Korea News Plus article on Sept. 2, 2019).

V once listed British actress Kaya Scodelario as a woman similar to his ideal type. He also hoped that his future girl friend would save money and respect parents.

BTS is the world’s biggest boy group. Its hit song “Butter” topped the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart for 10 weeks this summer.

Most recently, the seven-piece music band hit No. 1 on the Billboard chart this month by collaborating with British rock band Coldplay.

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