Osiris web browser of Decenternet/Courtesy of Decenternet

Osiris web browser creator expects success on global exchange

Decenternet, which developed a net-neutral browser dubbed Osiris, has joined hands with BW Exchange to be listed on the global exchange later this month.

The company, which also recently came up with a decentralized application store named Play-To-Earn, said Nov. 11 that it will be listed on BW Exchange on Nov. 22.

Toward that end, Decenternet plans to take part in the BW Exchange’s “To-The-Moon” public sale program, a launch pad aimed at offering users within the BW community an opportunity to invest.

Since its debut in late August, BW’s “moon-landing plan” has been conducted for quite a few projects. And many of them have been successful by bringing a flurry of investors, according to the exchange.

And Decenternet officials seem to believe that the entity’s technical edge would ensure successful listing on BW, one of leading multinational cryptocurrency exchanges.

They have claimed that Osiris enables users to surf the internet at a speed that is a few times faster than other browsers without having to watch intrusive advertisements.

The new-concept browser, which came to town this August, automatically blocks advertisements that users do not want to see.

Last month, Decenternet also embarked on the beta test of Play-to-Earn applications in the Osiris browser.

The company noted that the decentralized app store is completely integrated into the Osiris web browser to let users enjoy transactions with its own currency Spyce (SPX).

Our goal is to realize blockchain-based technology that ordinary people can use in their daily lives,” Decenternet founder Sean Kim said.

After finishing the beta test, we are offering the services in a full-fledged manner. Hence, we expect good results.”

Observers point out it remains to be seen how Decenternet would do in the listing procedure.

“Investors would evaluate the technological edge and future potential of Decenternet in the listing procedure,” an industry source said. 


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