U.S. pop star Michael Jackson performs in this file photo. His friends and global pop stars plan to record an album, which he was supposed to make in late 2009. The tribute album to the late singer will be named “From Heaven.” Photo courtesy of Sony Music

Korean investment firm helps create long-overdue project

South Korean investment company Fandom announced on Feb. 20 that it would support the recording of a tribute album to Michael Jackson by the late U.S. pop star’s friends and Korean artists.

Fandom noted that Ireland’s Grouse Lodge Studio founder Paddy Dunning and famous record producers, including Neff-U and Rodney Jerkins, will cooperate to make the album, dubbed “From Heaven.”

Grouse Lodge is a residential studio in County Westmeath, which has recorded such artists as Muse, REM, Snow Patrol, and Tom Jones on top of Michael Jackson.

Seoul-based Fandom noted that Michael Jackson was scheduled to return to Grouse Lodge in the second half of 2009 to the two U.S. producers but passed away in June.

Hence, the two producers and Dunning are scheduled to produce the posthumous album to complete the belated Michael Jackson project in 14 years, according to Fandom.

K-pop artists will be part of the album, which will be sung by global stars, but Fandom refused to disclose the details. It is an executive producer of the project.

Dunning said that the unique project was designed to make a fitting monument to the artistry of Michael Jackson.

“I know Michael had a great love for Korea, and the current wave of Korean idol artists are, in many ways, heirs to his legacy with their approach of being master all-round entertainers,” Dunning said in a statement.

“I hope we can make Michael proud and give the world some beautiful music inspired by his genius and make a difference in people’s lives.”

Neff-U also expressed his hope on the album.

“I am delighted to be involved in this special project and excited about going back to Grouse Lodge recording studios in Ireland to work with amazing K-pop stars for this tribute album to Michael,” he said.