From left are Jung Hae-in, Kim Sung-kyun, Koo Kyo-hwan, and Son Seok-koo, who will star in the Netflix Original series “D.P Dog’s Day”. Photo courtesy of Lezhin

Lezhin’s “D.P Dog’s Day” will feature 4 male actors

The forthcoming Netflix Original adaptation of a Lezhin Comics webtoon will feature such famous Korean actors as Jung Hae-in, Kim Sung-kyun, Koo Kyo-hwan, and Son Seok-koo.

Lezhin Entertainment, which operates webtoon platform Lezhin Comics, recently said that the four will play at the new Netflix series adapting its “D.P Dog’s Day.”

As one of the most popular stories of Lezhin Entertainment, the web cartoon of famous creator Kim Botong began publication in 2015 to gain upside of 100 million views thereafter.

The work portrays young soldiers in the South Korea military, who are distressed to the point of desertion, through the eyes of a military policeman tasked with arresting them.

Kim Sung-kyun has been cast as the superior officer of the D.P department, while Park Bum-gu, Jung Hae-in, and Koo Kyo-hwan will play as soldiers in the D.P. department.

Lezhin Studio plans to produce the series. Included its recent projects is another Netflix Original series, “Hell.” Production is also underway for “Happy Boy,” another adaptation of a Lezhin Comics webtoon.

We will continue to provide a wide variety of content based on webtoons to expand their value in the content world,” Lezhin Entertainment CEO Lee Sung-eob said in a statement.

The new Netflix Original series D.P will be available in the not-so-distant future to stream on Netflix for viewers all around the world in 190 countries, according to Lezhin.

Observers point out whether the new Netflix Original series will be able to duplicate the success of other drama adaptation of Korean webtoon series.

For one, Netflix scored a huge success with a drama adaptation of Korean webtoon series with “Kingdom.”