South Korea’s professional golfer Chun In-gee reacts at a Korean golf field this September. She is holding an art exhibition in Seoul. Photo courtesy of KLPGA

Overcoming slump by painting pictures

South Korea’s professional golfer Chun In-gee started a joint art exhibition in downtown Seoul on Dec. 17 together with the country’s painter Park Sun-mi.

Both collaborative works and individual paintings are on display at the exhibition, which will continue through Jan. 7.

The 28-year-old golfer said that she had started painting after meeting with Park last December. In May, they began painting together to prepare for an exhibition.

“I didn’t have enough time to paint. Hence, I always carried a sketchbook with colored pencils to draw on tours to and from tournaments,” Chun said in a press meeting on Dec. 15.

Chun said that she planned to donate the proceeds from the three-week exhibition to Chun In-gee LCC Education Foundation, which was established by the golfer herself.

Chun is a three-time major champion as she won the 2015 U.S. Women’s Open, the 2016 Evian Championship, and the 2022 Women’s PGA Championship.

In particular, she won the 2022 Women’s PGA Championship after recovering from years of slump. Chun said that paintings helped her do so.

“As a professional golfer, it is crucial to maintain balance in my life,” she said. “Thanks to painting, I could remain more motivated when playing golf on the field.”

“Thinking about just golf all day long caused big stresses. But having a hobby gave me a broader perspective on my life.”

Chun added that she would paint whenever possible while continuing to play golf.





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