Shown above are tires produced by Hankook Tire & Technology. The global leader in the tire industry vows to pull out all the stops to secure a competitive edge through seamless investment in technology. Photo courtesy of Hankook Tire & Technology

Korean tire giant continues to push for R&D

Hankook Tire & Technology, one of the world’s top makers of tires, goes all out to secure technological edge through pouring resources in research and development (R&D).

The Seoul-based outfit said on April 24 that it continues to sharpen its technological competitiveness for original equipment tire (OET) in line with the increasing demands of automobile manufacturers.

Hankook Tire said that its research is designed to deliver high-quality, reliable products, which are safe not only for customers but also for the environment.

On top of the better performances, including safety and short stopping distance, best tires have to be environmentally friendly by offering better fuel economy. We put forth great efforts to meet the demands,” a Hankook tire official said.

To come up with a new OET based on our technology, we go through three procedures together with our clients and five tests. Only then our new products can be marketed.”

Up until now, Hankook Tire has provided its products to about 320 models of 46 automotive brands across the world.

Included in its clients are such global juggernauts as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi. In addition, Hankook Tire has joined hands with all three Japanese players of Toyota, Honda, and Nissan, which fare well in the U.S. market.

Hankook also supplies its products to high-end brands like Macan and Cayenne of Porsche.

Observes point out that Hankook Tire, which is headed by CEO Cho Hyun-bum, has proactively braced for the latest technologies to improve the quality of its products.

For example, the company announced earlier this week that it had developed a production monitoring system powered by artificial intelligence and internet of things.

It is called Hankook Condition Monitoring System (CMS+), which employs vibration sensors to detect and predict any potential problems at its production lines.

Hankook Tire said that the new monitoring system helps the company analyze production data three to four times more precisely than the previous system.

Based on such investment, Hankook Tire has become a global powerhouse in high-performance passenger tires and in truck/SUV tires.