Hyundai Mobis strives to achieve Net Zero by 2045 to help the world deal with climate change. Photo courtesy of Hyundai Mobis

Korean automotive giant tries to achieve net zero in 20 years

South Korea’s Hyundai Mobis announced on Dec. 23 that the company would achieve net zero by 2045 in line with the global efforts to deal with climate change.

Toward that end, the Seoul-based automotive giant has come up with a report, which contained specific plans to attain eco-friendly targets.

In particular, the company introduced four strategies to complete its transition to renewable energy 100 (RE100), a global initiative committed to 100 percent renewable electricity.

Presently, almost 85 percent of the electricity used at its factories comes from non-renewable energy sources. The company strives to reduce the figure to nil by the mid-decade of the 2040s.

“We are putting forth great efforts to expand electricity and hydrogen vehicles, cutting down on dependence on internal combustion engines,” a Hyundai Mobis official said.

“The vehicles do not emit greenhouse gases. What we are trying to do is not to emit greenhouse gases in the procedures to assemble them.”

Included in the strategies of Hyundai Mobis is to take advantage of post-consumer recycled plastics in packaging its after-service parts and replacing steel products with aluminum ones.

Net zero means cutting greenhouse gas emissions to as close to zero as possible, with any remaining emissions re-absorbed from the atmosphere, by oceans and forests, for instance, according to the United Nations.

An increasing number of corporations and organizations are trying to attain the aggressive goal of helping the world tackle aggravating environmental issues.

Specifically, the world is pulling out all the stops to limit the global temperature increase to less than 1.5 degrees Celsius compared to pre-industrial levels.

Already, the earth is some 1.1 degrees Celsius warmer than it was in the late 1800s, the UN noted.

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