Shown above is the “Carenow 3.0” mobile app of KGC. The app is geared toward providing personalized healthcare services. Photo courtesy of KGC

Korean ginseng giant launching ‘Carenow 3.0’

Korea Ginseng Corporation (KGC) announced on Oct. 20 that the company would tap into the business of providing personalized healthcare services.

Toward that end, the Korean ginseng giant has launched a dedicated platform, “Carenow 3.0,” based on a mobile app designed to offer tailor-made healthcare solutions.

KGC said that the new app would examine the user’s status based on big data analysis of their medical checkup data, direct-to-consumer genetic tests, surveys, and lifelog.

On the back of such in-depth analysis and machine learning, the app has the capacity to recommend proper diet, dietary supplements, and exercises, according to KGC.

The company noted that clinical test experts, a leading artificial intelligence company, and a top-tier gene test outfit had joined forces to come up with the app.

By acquiring 27.3 million bio-food data from the U.S. National Institutes of Health and Food and Drug Administration, KGC worked on finding the correlation between disease and diet.

Based on such a sophisticated study, KGC said that the AI curation solution of its “Carenow 3.0” could provide the users’ risks of contracting serious illnesses, including cancers.

KGC strives to preempt the growing healthcare market of Korea _ Boston Consulting Group expected that the market size would reach 450 trillion won ($310 billion) by 2030 from 237 trillion won in 2020.

“Over the past 120 years, KGC has taken care of people’s health. Based on our know-how and the technical prowess of the country’s experts, we will offer differentiated healthcare services,” a KGC official said.

“By further enhancing the curation services, we will diversify the healthcare solutions on top of developing new dietary supplements so that we will be able to lead the market.”

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