Main characters of the Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area Part 2 pose. The drama was first premiered on Dec. 9 to join the Netflix global popularity chart. Photo courtesy of Netflix

‘Money Heist’ ranked No. 10 on global list

South Korean series “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area Part 2” joined the Netflix top 10 list on its release on Dec. 9, according to Flixpatrol that tracks streaming data.

The crime drama, which is directed by Kim Hong-sun, ranked No. 10 on the Netflix global popularity chart Saturday, and climbed to the sixth spot Sunday.

It made it to the top three list in a total of 11 countries, including Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Morocco, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The Netflix original series, however, failed to join the top 10 list in major Western countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, and France.

The first six episodes based on the 2017 Spanish Netflix hit Money Heist were first premiered this June to attract global attention. But the show faced criticisms that it’s an exact replica of the original.

The second part, which is also composed of six episodes, was geared toward avoiding such negative reviews.

In Part 1, the two Koreas built a joint economic area at the Truce Village to reunify the long-separated countries. Outcasts and criminals overtake the mint, and the police fight them out.

In Part 2, the heist team tries to escape, and their desperate attempt gets complicated because of the corrupt politicians of the two countries and the hostages.

“The second part is expanded to include more Korean stories,” Director Kim said in a fan meeting in Seoul before the debut of the latest episodes.

The drama stars mostly Korean actors, including Yoo Ji-tae, Kim Yun-jin, Jeon Jong-seo, and Park Hae-soo. In particular, Park appeared in “Squid Game,” which became the most successful Netflix show after its debut last September.

Neither Netflix nor director Kim disclosed whether the third part would be created.