MakeIt officials show off that the company’s YouTube channel racked up more than 400,000 subscribers. In light of its FaceBook followers and subscribers to its other social-networking services, the overall fan base is larger than 600,000. Photo courtesy of MakeIt

Korean ETF giant sees surge in number of user base

MakeIt, which operates the ETF Trend brand in South Korea, recently announced that the outfit’s YouTube channel amassed 100,000 new subscribers in two weeks this year so that the total topped 400,000.

As of the end of last year, the customer base was some 300,000. But MakeIt saw the figure exceed 400,000 last week and 450,000 this week.

In consideration of the latest trend, the user base is sure to hit the half-million mark sometime next week.

“We have changed the YouTube channel’s title to E-Trend this month and offered various content about investment and global economic views,” MakeIt marketing chief Kim Ae-ri said.

“In particular, some of our panels have arrested great popularity among investors to lead to the surge in the number of subscribers throughout this month.”

MakeIt CEO Park Soo-in also noted that the entity will continue to come up with helpful video clips about ETF, shares, and the economy.

ETF is short of an exchange-traded fund, which tracks an index as compared to index funds. As far as ETFs are concerned, MakeIt has been a pioneer in South Korea.

“A mounting number of corporations are trying to forge a business alliance with us. In line with our goal of dealing with information asymmetry, we will keep trying to make various good content,” she said.

Last year, MakeIt also introduced an all-life asset platform (ALAP), the artificial intelligence-powered trading system whose algorithm is incorporated into the latest Samsung Galaxy Tab S7.

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