Shown above is the prototype model of ALAP, which will be introduced in September. Photo courtesy of MakeIt-Korea ETF Trend

ALAP will come to town next month

MakeIt, which runs the Korea ETF Trend brand, announced on August 16 that it plans to launch an all-in-one investment platform, called ALAP, next month.

The Seoul-based company said that ALAP will enable customers to trade shares based on recommended investment strategies and learn financial content simultaneously.

The outfit decided to take advantage of Samsung’s top-line tablet PC, the Galaxy S7, in order to debut ALAP, which is short for All-Life Asset Platform.

On the back of four patented technologies related to investment algorithm, ALAP will introduce the automatic trading system,” MakeIt research center chief Lee Sam-ho said.

We can say that ALAP is the third-generation investment platform after the first-generation home trading system and the second-generation mobile trading system.”

Lee said that the highly-customized system of ALAP would offer unprecedented user interface and user experience to both amateur and professional investors.

We will continue to improve ALAP by adding new features associated with artificial intelligence and big data,” Lee said.

MakeIt founding CEO Park Soo-in expected that ALAP would greatly help retail investors.

Over the past few years, we have tried to find the genuine reason why retail investors tend to fail in the stock market. And our first answer to that question is ALAP,” Park said.

Please keep an eye on ALAP, which we think would help individual investors in a big way.”

MakeIt currently operates Korea ETF Trend, a hybrid media designed to provide detailed information about ETFs, and Trade Study, a channel geared toward offering financial education. It also owns a YouTube channel.

Brief for exchange-traded fund, ETFs have gained popularity across the world thanks to their stellar performances. And in Korea, MakeIt has vehemently promoted ETFs.

ETFs track an index as compared to index funds. They are regarded as low-risk investments thanks to their diversification, low management fees, and high price visibility.

In addition, MakeIt came up with three books about ETFs. Earlier this year, it published “ETF Trend 2020 Vol. 1.” The first edition of the Korean-language book sold out in just a month after it hit the shelves in June.