MakeIt founding CEO Park Soo-in introduces the firm’s next-generation asset management platform ALAP (All-Life Asset Platform) at the firm’s head office in Seoul. Photo courtesy of MakeIt

‘ALAP’ will come to town in September

MakeIt, which operates the Korea ETF Trend brand, plans to launch the ALAP hardware platform in September to offer convergence services to financial consumers.

Equipped with a unique autonomous trading system, ALAP, which stands for “All-Life Asset Platform,” will work as a financial education hub, according to the Seoul-based company on July 22.

In particular, MakeIt focuses on exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that are designed to track an index as compared to index funds. They have caught on both at home and abroad thanks to their low management fees and high price visibility.

In the firm belief that ETFs are low-risk investments thanks to their diversification, MakeIt has attempted to encourage people to make long-term investments in the instruments since its debut in 2018.

The company believes that the introduction of ALAP will provide huge momentum in its efforts to boost investments in ETFs.

As far as asset management tools are concerned, ALAP is a third-generation platform that offers both a trading system and financial education,” MakeIt founding CEO Park Soo-in said.

With ALAP, investors will be able to learn how the asset management tool, which includes the trading system, and the educational content work in an interconnected way.”

Park said first-generation asset management tools came to town in the late 2000s, enabling people to check on their accounts and transactions. The second-generation ones offered more services, such as news and analysis.

ALAP will offer tailor-made services to investors in line with their needs and investment patterns. In this sense, the all-in-one platform can be called a third-generation tool,” the CEO added.

On top of customized educational content and a trading curriculum, MakeIt said that ALAP will provide various services geared toward helping investors check on market indices and manage their asset portfolios.

MakeIt presently runs Korea ETF Trend, a hybrid media offering detailed information about ETFs, and Trade Study, a channel aimed at providing financial education. The firm also operates a YouTube channel to promote ETFs.

Over the past year, it has published three books about ETFs. Most recently, Makelt has produced “ETF Trend 2020 Vol. 1,” which has been enthusiastically accepted by South Korean readers.

The first edition of the Korean-language book sold out in just a month after it hit the shelves in June, according to MakeIt.