Nonghyup Bank Chungjeong-no branch head Kim Dong-mun, third from left on the front row, pumps his fist with employees after donating 3 million won to Gangwon Province as a part of efforts to join the government-led hometown love donation campaign in central Seoul on Jan. 10. Photo courtesy of Gangwon Province

Chungjeong-no branch employees try to help rural areas

South Korea’s Gangwon Province announced on Jan. 10 that a NH NongHyup Bank branch had donated 3 million won to take part in the hometown donation campaign.

NongHyup’s Chungjeong-no branch in downtown Seoul has joined the program for Gangwon Province, the mountainous, forested areas in the northeastern part of the country.

Starting this year, the Korean government launched the so-called “hometown love donation campaign” to galvanize the lethargic rural economy and achieve balanced development.

The initiative gained popularity early on as such global superstars with the participation of Tottenham Hotspur forward Son Heung-min and K-pop superstar BTS member J-Hope.

Kim Dong-mun, head of the NongHyup branch, said that the bank’s polices would be in tandem with the campaign.

“We hope that our donation will contribute to the regional development of Gangwon Province,” said Kim from the province.

“To enhance logistics of agricultural products and vitalize the rural economy, NongHyup has supported the introduction of the hometown love donation campaign.”

NongHyup Bank, otherwise known as NH Bank, is owned by the National Agricultural Cooperative Federation, a nationwide organization geared toward improving the social and economic status of its members, mostly in rural areas.