Korean actor Kim Woo-bin will promote Ottogi’s black bean sauce instant noodle product, dubbed Jjasyullaeng. Since its launch last May, the product has gained popularity across the board. Photo courtesy of Ottogi

Kim will promote Korean food giant’s product

South Korean food company Ottogi announced on May 30 that the outfit had tapped actor Kim Woo-bin as a new ads model to promote its instant noodle products.

In a TV commercial, Kim will introduce Ottogi’s black bean sauce noodles, named Jjasyullaeng, which boasts of a chewy taste and fragrance of green onion.

Earlier this month, Ottogi came up with a teaser, which has already arrested big attention.

Ottogi said that Kim’s image of being from an upper-class rich family would be a perfect fit for the instant noodle product with a unique recipe.

To cook most conventional black bean sauce instant noodles, people typically cook through them on high heat and drain the noodles to mix them with the sauce together.

In comparison, eaters of Jjasyullaeng do not have to throw away water. And that’s why the new product wins the hearts and minds of instant noodle lovers, according to Ottogi.

Since its debut last May, some eaters even commented that Jjasyullaeng had made a paradigm shift in the instant noodle industry.

“Kim is an actor with a luxurious image, which is good to differentiate the uniqueness and advantages of Jjasyullaeng,” an Ottogi official said. “We hope more and more people will be able to enjoy it.”

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