Shown above is an artwork of painter Ahn Jeong-mo, who hosts an exhibition at Seoul’s Gallery MHK over the next month. Photo courtesy of painter Ahn Jeong-mo

Ahn Jeong-mo tries to show “animal souls”

Painter Ahn Jeong-mo has started a month-long exhibition at Gallery MHK in downtown Seoul to show off her artworks on the souls of animals.

The event, which will continue from Aug. 17 through Sept. 15, marks her fourth solo exhibition.

Ahn has gained a spotlight after winning awards in art competitions at home and abroad. Recently, she took part in a special exhibition hosted by LA Art Show and K Auction.

And she started winning the hearts and minds of people, as amply demonstrated by the fact that her paintings were successfully sold in recent auctions through K Auction.

Even before the exhibition started, five of her 17 artworks were sold.

“The rabbit is known as a weak animal. But in my works, the rabbit is very powerful, and she exerts her influence on just bad guys,” Ahn said. “She is a villain heroin, named ‘Mad Toe.’ I hope that viewers can feel sympathy with her.”

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