Hotel Shilla CEO Lee Boo-jin/Courtesy of Hotel Shilla

Officials remain silent about whether to book Samsung heiress

The police strive to finish the probes over Hotel Shilla CEO Lee Boo-jin, who was questioned this month for her alleged use of an addictive drug called propofol.

An official at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency said that it finished almost all investigations over the past year. The suspicions for her propofol use first surfaced in March 2019.

We have delved into almost everything to reach the final conclusion. We are almost there. We think of finalizing the case in April,” the official, who has taken part in the year-long probes, told Korea News Plus

We may summon Lee again if necessary. We are likely to hold a press event to disclose the results before we send the case to the prosecutors.”

But the anonymous official refused to confirm whether or not to book Lee, just like other suspects.

A local media outlet raised the allegations in March 2019 that Lee gained illegal access to propofol throughout 2016 at a cosmetic clinic situated in southern Seoul.

The police raided the clinic and booked related medical staff, including its physician.

Lee, who is the eldest daughter of Samsung Chairman Lee Kun-hee, denied the charges, arguing that she visited the Seoul clinic at issue for legitimate treatment.

It is unlawful to prescribe or consume propofol, which was classified as a psychotropic drug in Korea in 2011, for non-medical purposes.

Hence, the Samsung heiress would be subject to criminal charges if the allegations over the propofol use proved to be true.