Galaxy S10 smartphones/Courtesy of Samsung Electronics

Eye-catching wallpaper designs offered for Galaxy S10 users

Since the launch of the Galaxy S10 line of Samsung Electronics earlier this year, many eye-catching wallpaper designs have emerged with the innovative placement of the front camera punch hole.

In the latest move, Samsung joins hands with Disney and Pixar to launch a new range of background wallpaper options, according to the Seoul-based company on May 24.

As a result, such widely-love characters from Disney and Pixar’s “The Incredibles” and Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Frozen” and “Zootopia” are brought to the home screens of the Galaxy S10.

“One of the groundbreaking innovations the Galaxy S10 line features is its full-screen experience, made possible by the Infinity-O Display that covers, bar the camera punch hole, the entire front side of the device,” a Samsung official said.

“Thanks to precise laser cutting techniques, the camera has been tucked away into the right-hand side of the display to eliminate distractions for a cinematic viewing experience.”

The official added that users themselves have been creating and sharing their own background wallpapers custom-designed for the Galaxy S10, taking advantage of its unique design, and camera punch hole placement.

“Our wallpapers are available to purchase on the Galaxy Store, and the special Disney collaboration range of wallpapers are downloadable free of charge for Galaxy S10 users,” the official said.


“We plan to expand the options for Infinity-O background wallpapers further through various collaborations in the near future.”


Samsung is the world’s largest manufacturer of smartphones, and the Galaxy S10 is the tech giant’s flagship model.

The company is also an iconic affiliate of Samsung Group, Korea’s largest conglomerate by any measure.