A Samsung Electronics model wears the firm’s smartwatch. The firm said that it would offer period tracking features through its Galaxy Watch5. Photo courtesy of Samsung Electronics

Samsung smartwatch continues to show new features

South Korea’s Samsung Electronics announced Feb. 14 that it had signed a partnership with Natural Cycles to help people get pregnant or control birth through the former’s smartwatch.

Samsung, the world’s largest smartphone maker, noted that its Galaxy Watch5 would offer period tracking features via cooperation with Natural Cycles, a Sweden-based mobile app operator.

For the temperature-based services, Samsung will offer sensor technology, while Natural Cycles will provide fertility technology and associated algorithm.

The features will be available in 32 countries in Europe, North America, and Asia, including the United States and South Korea, the home to Samsung Electronics.

In a related move, South Korean authorities recently approved the menstrual cycle-tracking solution, which had already been registered in the United States and Europe.

The Seoul-based company said that the digital health functionality would be available in its health app, adding the data would be encrypted and stored on the device.

“Consumers can now easily track their menstrual cycle right from their wrist, combining Natural Cycles’ innovative fertility technology with Samsung’s superior temperature sensor to provide a more holistic understanding of their health and wellbeing,” Samsung Vice President Hon Park said.

Natural Cycles CEO Raoul Scherwitzl expressed his hope on delivering an experience that pushes women’s health forward through an easy-to-carry device.

“The Natural Cycles app has helped millions of women around the world take control of their fertility, and this partnership will allow Samsung to leverage our fertility technology to offer temperature-based cycle tracking through a smartwatch for the first time,” he said.

Samsung’s nemesis Apple also strives to tap into such applications as the U.S. tech giant’s Apple Watch Series 8 was also designed to allow wearers to improve their period predictions.

The share price of Samsung Electronics rose 0.48 percent on Feb. 14 on the South Korean stock change.