Shown above is the head office of SK Telecom in Seoul. The firm plans to tap into the U.S. broadcast market with its solution based on decentralized technologies. Photo courtesy of SK Telecom

Mobile operator will join hands with Sinclair Broadcast Group

South Korea’s SK Telecom announced on April 18 that it would enter the U.S. broadcast market by offering a next-generation solution to U.S. media group Sinclair Broadcast Group.

The solution is built with mobile edge computing (MEC), a technology of providing cloud capabilities at the edge of the network through decentralized ways, according to SK Telecom.

The Seoul-based firm said that the technology had been designed to send and receive data to and from a cloud close to end-user devices rather than a centralized data center.

Based on the MEC technology, SK Telecom has collaborated with Dell Technologies of the United States in developing Petasus Media, which lets central broadcasting systems efficiently operate local broadcasting stations.

To do so, SK Telecom has cooperated with Dell Technologies of the United States.

“To crank up the number of program streams of local broadcasting stations or add new features, broadcasters had to purchase and install new transmission equipment,” an SK Telecom official said.

“In comparison, Petasus Media enables them to install new applications in the cloud of local broadcasting stations remotely so that they will be able to reduce costs and enhance the overall efficiency of the system.”

Under cooperation with Dell Technologies, SK Telecom plans to advance into the global market with diverse platforms specialized for the fifth-generation MEC.

After targeting the North American and South Korean market, SK Telecom noted that it would develop business opportunities in other overseas markets.

“Through cooperation with Sinclair, a leading broadcasting company in North America, and Dell Technologies, which has a strong global sales network, we will drive next-generation broadcasting service innovation in the global market, starting with the U.S,” SK Telecom’s chief development officer Ha Min-yong said.

Sinclair President Del Parks noted that the firm would build a state-of-the-art technology platform for the broadcast industry.

SK Telecom is South Korea’s largest mobile operator, while Sinclair is a leading provider of local news and sports in the U.S.