If you ask a group of random people to name a selfless action, many of them will likely bring up philanthropy. It is hard to put the concept of philanthropy into words, but in its most basic form, it consists of giving to those who have less than us. You can provide money, knowledge, or support, and it will be a philanthropic pursuit, as long as you are giving something.

In a perfect world, charity wouldn’t be a thing because everyone would have exactly what they need and want, but we live in a world that is far from perfect. Charity is a way for us to even out the unfair things in this world, and it is there for more than bragging rights and tax breaks.

Unfortunately, not everyone is in a position to be charitable, and some people are struggling to make ends meet, which puts the burden on the more fortunate members of society. Mason Soiza has decided to take it upon himself to donate heavily to nonprofits that are working in the tech industry, and we’re going to be looking at his motivations in today’s article.

The Man Behind the Donations

Before we look at his reasoning, let’s discuss the man himself. Mason Soiza is only 24 years old, but many would consider him one of the UK’s foremost entrepreneurs. Although he has already reached the level of success that he is comfortable with, Mason Soiza has taken a break to focus on philanthropy for some time to come.

Most people in Mr. Soiza’s position would likely relegate themselves to a life of fast cars and fun, but he has chosen to embrace his social responsibility and is working to make the tech industry a better place. Having established a range of his own tech nonprofits, Mason Soiza also supports several other initiatives.

The tech nonprofits that Mason Soiza is involved in are typically focused on creating opportunities for younger people in the tech field who don’t have the economic means to sustain their pursuits.

Mr. Soiza has often remarked that younger people are the best way to ensure that technology keeps moving forward and that all of them deserve an equal chance. This ties right into the reasoning behind his donations.

Social Responsibility

As we have already mentioned, Mason Soiza views his philanthropy as an obligation of his, as he wants to give back to the world, and he feels that all fortunate people should do so. “If I won’t do it, then why should I expect anyone else to?” asked the charismatic entrepreneur when presented with a question regarding his new focus on charity.

Mason Soiza believes that people like him should take charge to help reduce inequality in the world, and he decided to start by working in the domain that he knows best. Soiza has stated that he can make the biggest impact in the tech industry because of his experience with it, and that logic is tough to argue with.

It Benefits the Industry as a Whole

Having more experienced workers in a field is usually a benefit unless the job market is oversaturated, but that is thankfully not the case in the tech industry. Thanks to its ever-expanding nature, the domain of technology will not be growing saturated with potential workers anytime soon.

Mr. Soiza often uses the example of scientists and medical researchers when discussing the number of people working in the tech field. With more people working towards furthering what we can do with technology, we will begin to see ever more wondrous things.

A Pool of Potential Employees

While this ties into the previous point, the benefits for Mr. Soiza are also a little more direct. In his time as an entrepreneur, Mason Soiza established no small number of tech firms, including his successful SEO business. His continued support and establishment of tech nonprofits provide his businesses with pools of talented professionals that they can offer jobs.

Though this may not be as selfless as his other reasons for donating to tech nonprofits, it ensures that the arrangement is mutually beneficial for both the organizations and Mr. Soiza.

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