Workday Korea chief Lee Sang-hoon, left, poses with GE Korea HR head Lee Mi-ra ahead of the online press conference on August 18. Photo courtesy of Workday Korea

Giant in enterprise cloud applications discloses Workday Digital Agility Index

Workday disclosed its recent survey titled Workday Digital Agility Index on August 18 to help companies come up with strategies on digital transformation so as to deal with the pandemic-induced economic crisis.

In the survey commissioned to IDC, Workday found that 72 percent of the respondents said digital transformation is their organization’s priority, while 57 percent acknowledged that the novel coronavirus has sped up digital transformation.

In addition, 88 percent of the outfits surveyed faced difficulties in making changes to their financial plans, budgets and forecasts after the outbreak of the pandemic this year. And 82 percent struggled to realign organizational structures.

The survey was conducted on almost 1,000 IT, HR, and finance senior business leaders and C-level executives driving digital transformation in the Asia Pacific.

Workday, a first-tier player in enterprise cloud applications for finance and human resources, announced the findings in an online press conference held ahead of Workday Elevate Digital Experience.

Due to COVID-19, all businesses stress digital agility. Organizations can no longer adapt and respond to rapid changes without technical foundation,” Workday Korea chief Lee Sang-hoon said in an online press conference.

Many companies were forced to go through big changes in HR and finance policies this year. Such challenges cannot be overcome without proper insights drawn from advanced analytics.”

He hoped that the findings of the IDC survey will provide some bases for all organizations to decide on long-term investment.

In the press event, GE Korea’s HR head Lee Mi-ra shared the company’s success story, stressing the significance of ensuring business continuity and agility in this highly volatile pandemic situation.

GE Korea managed to grapple with challenges caused by COVID-19 by taking advantage of Workday solutions, according to Lee.

GE is deploying Workday HCM on enterprise-level planning to go-live in October with over 300,000 GE employees in the world,” she said. “Through Workday solutions, GE will realize system simplification and employee-centric HR policy.”

She also noted that “the key to the project success is to change people’s mindset and organization culture as we introduce technical solutions.”