BAT’s design chief Ken Kim speaks during an online media conference on March 28. Photo courtesy of BAT Rothmans

Ken Kim shares success story of glo Hyper X2

A senior official of BAT said on March 28 that the huge success of gloTM hyper X2 would be attributable to the outstanding portability of the latest product in its gloTM lineup.

The company’s design chief Ken Kim made the remarks in an online media conference with South Korean journalists. He has spearheaded the development of the popular heated tobacco product.

“People tend to carry electronic tobacco products in their pockets together with wallets and smartphones. Hence, our top priority was portability,” Kim said.

“To find the best angle of the shutter mechanism, we tried so many angles between 25 degrees and 75 degrees. When it comes to a protective iris-shaped shutter, we worked on dozens of shapes.”

Since its Korean launch late last month, gloTM hyper X2 has won the hearts and minds of smokers. For some colors, BAT even struggled to meet the rising demand.

Asked about the competitiveness of gloTM hyper X2, Kim picked sincerity and simplicity.

“In my view, small techniques are not so significant. Rather, people end up opting for products based on sincerity and simplicity combined with optimal solutions,” Kim said.

Kim said that South Korea had emerged as a testbed market for new products.

“So many global corporations regard South Korea as a trendsetter to benchmark,” he said. “Together with London and San Francisco, Seoul is leading the design trends.”

Last month, BAT Rothmans said that hyper X2 would come up with advanced induction heating technology encased in a smaller and lighter-weight device compared to its predecessor of gloTM hyper+.

In addition, BAT Rothmans noted that the new product would offer richer user experiences by offering two heating methods of a normal mode and a boost mode.

Such expectations proved to be right as the demand for the new products has run high throughout the past month.