Shown above is the serverless online game called Kingdom Under Fire, which has become available through Steam this month. Photo courtesy of Bloom Technology

‘Kingdom Under Fire’ launched by Steam gain popularity

Bloom Technology said on Dec. 23 that its online game “Kingdom Under Fire,” which is powered by its blockchain platform Locus Chain without servers, had attracted more than 35,000 since its debut early this month.

Global video game digital distribution service Steam launched the South Korean online game on Dec. 7.

South Korean corporations Blueside and Phatagram introduced Kingdom Under Fire in 2000 in over 30 countries, mostly drawing fans in the United States and Europe.

“It is very encouraging that tends of thousands of people had downloaded the game in half a month,” a Bloom Technology official said.

“The users will work as nodes to power the game. It is a new-concept approach in the game business. We think that no others have tried this kind of games.”

In other words, computers of game players offer computing power based on our Locus Chain technology.

“As blockchain replaces the servers, we can save fees. And as each player works as a node, he or she will be able to play Kingdom Under Fire whenever they want,” he said.

Established by U.S. game publisher Valve Corporation, Steam is a famous platform, which offers approximately 30,000 games to players from across the globe.

Observers expect that blockchain platforms will power more services, which now rely on conventional technologies, once blockchain technology improves.

“Moe and more services will be available through blockchain once it becomes both speedy and secure. As blockchain is known as a very secure platform, the speed problem is a crucial issue,” Digital Finance Research Institute chief Moon Young-bae said.