Participants pose in a recent event to celebrate the Brazilian Army Day at Army Club in Seoul. Photo by Yeo Hong-il/Korea News Plus

Brazil stresses the significance of democratic values

The Brazilian embassy celebrated its Army Day for this year in a recent meeting at Army Club in Seoul, which attracted about 150 defense attaches.

Colonel Sandro Vieira Ferri, Brazilian Defense, Navy, Army and Air Attache, Embassy of Brazil, delivered a speech in front of the participants.

“We are proud to celebrate the achievements of the Brazilian Army throughout its history, from the struggles of independence until the present day,” he said.

Integrated with other Brazilian Armed Forces, the Brazilian Army has contributed decisively, since its creation in 1648, for the guarantee of national sovereignty and the maintenance of law and order, Ferri added on the podium on behalf of Brazilian Amb. Márcia DONNER ABREU.

With regard to its importance as well as its raison d’etre, Colonel Ferri noted: “Cooperating with the international effort of peacekeeping operations, the Brazilian Army, aligned with the National Defense Strategy, has been an important instrument for the maintenance of democratic values and world peace.”

According to Ferri, currently, the Brazilian Army is undergoing a transformation process that materializes in strategic projects. The strategic projects aim to expand the operational capacity of the Army, making it more effective and efficient, as much as the country requires in its process of economic growth and international projection.

“Upon completing 375 years of existence, we want to express our faith and hope in the continuous improvement of the Brazilian Army with the same values and traditions in which it was forged,” Ferri said.

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