Vocal group BTS members are having a YouTube-broadcast online media conference on February 24. The septet held an online event because of the coronavirus outbreak. Courtesy of Big Hit Entertainment

Worries surface on boy band’s global tour

The coronavirus outbreak affects not only politics and economy but also the entertainment industry of South Korea as the country suffers greatly from the epidemic.

As Seoul faces hundreds of new coronavirus infections a day of late to become the largest cluster outside China, travelers from the nation are banned from entering many overseas airports.

If the virus lingers, worries rise that the country’s famous bands, including boy group BTS, might not be able to perform in global stages.

It would be a big blow to BTS, which has just dropped its comeback album “Map of the Soul: 7.”

Last year, the seven-member idol group carried out a world stadium tour after releasing its third studio album “Map of the Soul: Persona” to attract so many fans across the globe.

Observers fear, however, the septet would not be able to host such huge events in case the coronavirus does not come under control in a few months to come.

In fact, the effect of the highly-contagious virus is already felt in the show business here _ concerts, showcase events, and interviews are postponed or called off.

BTS also canceled its off-line press conference to replace it with a YouTube event.

Bit Hit Entertainment, which debuted BTS in 2013, said that it decided to hold the online event to reduce any risks related to the coronavirus outbreak.

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