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V practices English to help RM

As K-pop titan BTS gains more and more popularity across the world, the seven members have a lot of interviews, mostly with English-language media outlets.

And the conventional understanding is that RM takes the lead in the interviews with others afraid to chime in because he is the only member who is fluent in English.

However, things seem to be different now as V starts to speak English. At the 2019 Billboard Music Awards (BBMAs) last week, for example, V told a red carpet interview with E!.

We heard the screams wherever you go. They follow. Shout out to the BTS ARMYs what you want them to know because they are everywhere,” a reporter asked.

And then, V took the mike to say in English “Every moment is a precious memory. We’re so happy we can be a part of this with our fans.”

Leader RM and other members cheered V up.

And this is not the first time for V, whose real name is Kim Tae-hyung, speaks English during interviews.

BTS appeared on “The Ellen Show” hosted by Ellen DeGeneres in May 2018 after the idol group won a prize at last year’s BBMAs.

Back then, V said “We always dreamed about performing at the BBMAs. You know it’s a dream come true. It was really special. It was really fun.”

Last September, the septet appeared on NBC’s talk show “The Tonight Show.” Host Jimmy Fallon, a U.S. comedian and actor, talked about the boy group’s visit to New York.

Asked about any highlights in the city, V said “Jimmy, I love MoMA museum, and New York street, New York view, on my way to walk in the morning, New York street hot dog, perfect!”

Brief for the Museum of Modern Art, the MoMA is an art museum in New York. It develops and collects modernist art.

And V seems to put forth great efforts to learn English. Early last year, a Korean TV station showed BTS members’ daily life. V was practicing English, saying “We are going to BBMAs. We should help RM.”


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