Shown above are answers of ChatGPT about questions on South Korean islets Dokdo. The chatbot program gives different answers to the same question when it is asked in Korean and Japanese. Photo captured from ChatGPT answers

AI chatbot not consistent about which country owns the islets

This is an experimental article of interviewing ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence-powered generative chatbot launched by OpenAI in November 2022.

This article is about Dokdo, a set of volcanic outcrops that is under the control of Korea. Calling them Takeshima, however, Japan has also claimed the islets.

Issues related to Dokdo have generated diplomatic standoffs between the two neighboring countries.

The answers about Dokdo from ChatGPT are as follows. The same question, “Which country does Dokdo belong to?” was asked in three languages of English, Korean, and Japanese. For each question, the ChatGPT was restarted to avoid simple translation.


Q: “Which country does Dokdo belong to?” (In English)

A: The sovereignty of Dokdo, also known as Takeshima or Liancourt Rocks, is a disputed issue between South Korea and Japan. While South Korea currently administers the islands, Japan also claims ownership.


Q: “Which country does Dokdo belong to?” (In Korean)

A: Dokdo is South Korea’s territory.


Q: “Which country does Dokdo belong to?” (In Japanese)

A: Dokdo is put as Japanese territory, but South Korea also claims its sovereignty. The final resolution has yet to be reached.

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