Decenternet will list its SPYCE token March 13 on an international exchange dubbed Probit. Courtesy of Decenternet

Creator of Osiris browser set to start IEO

Decenternet recently announced that it will list its SPYCE token March 13 on an international exchange dubbed Probit where people are allowed to trade with the Korean won.

The creator of the Osiris browser and web 3.0 dAppstore will resort to an initial exchange offering (IEO) to make its SPYCE tokens available to people.

Both IEO and initial coin offering (ICO) are aimed at raising funds for promising crypto projects. But IEO is administered by a crypto exchange instead of a startup, which vies to draw investors with its newly-issued tokens.

After the IEO, the tokens are typically sold on the exchange’s platform.

Late last year, Decenternet successfully listed its SPYCE token on BW Exchange, one of the world’s 10 largest exchanges.

Included its two flagship services are the Osiris browser and web 3.0 dAppstore.

The former enables users to surf the internet at a speed that is a few times faster than other browsers without having to watch intrusive advertisements, according to Decenternet.

The new-concept browser, which debuted last August, automatically blocks advertisements that users do not want to see. The ad-free browser has already attracted up to 150,000.

Working on the Osiris browser, dAppstore refers to an all-in-one marketplace for Dapps. SPYCE is its own currency designed to allows people to take advantage of EOS or TRON-based dApps.

Major customers of Probit are from such countries as Russia, Indonesia, and Brazil. We are tapping the possibility of wading into new overseas markets,” Decenternet COO Louie Hwang said.

The Probit project is not just about listing. It is more about gaining the opportunity of international marketing,” CEO Sean Kim said.

It remains whether Decenternet will be able to fare well in the IEO market.

Observers point out that Decenternet appears to have competitive technologies, which would help the company attract investment.

However, so many companies could not continue to grow despite their competitive edge in technology, they said.