Lezhin Entertainment CEO Lee Sung-eob, left, holds a contract after signing a stratetic partnership with Delitoon SAS CEO Didier Borg. Courtesy of Lezhin Entertainment

Two webtoon platforms will cooperate across the board

Lezhin Entertainment has minted a strategic partnership with Delitoon SAS so that the two outfits will cooperate in webtoon development, production, and distribution. The former is Korea’s top-tier webtoon platform, while the latter is its French counterpart.

Under the partnership, the two companies will share contents. In other words, Lezhin’s materials will be available to French audiences, while Koreans will be able to read Delitoon’s webtoons.

Delitoon is popular in such countries as Canada, Belgium, and Switzerland on top of France. It started translating and publishing Korean webtoon contents in 2016.

Lezhin, which is a business pioneer in Korea, has also tapped into overseas markets by offering a range of Korean webtoons for English and Japanese fans.

Last year, Lezhin chalked up sales of almost $9 million in the United States alone. Recently, the Seoul-based firm has enjoyed rising popularity in other markets, including France, Italy, and Spain.

Based on the two-way alliance, Lezhin and Delitoon will not only share webtoon contents but also collaborate in other areas for mutual benefit.

We’re pleased to be working with Lezhin and their wide variety of genres and quality content,” Delitoon’s founding CEO Didier Borg said. “With this partnership, we can do more to showcase Delitoon’s great titles to Korean and English-speaking audiences.”

Lezhin CEO Lee Sung-eob also pinned high hopes on the partnership.

Delitoon has used webtoons to bridge the gap between Asia and Europe, and it’s great to be working with them. This partnership gives Lezhin a stage in Europe and even more potential opportunities to work towards.”

Observers said that Lezhin’s alliance with Delitoon will help raise the global awareness of Korean webtoons.

“During the past few years, Korean webtoons have caught on across the world based on the efforts of cartoonists and various platforms,” an industry source said. “The global cooperation is expected to keep Korean webtoon’s popularity intact in the future.”

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