MakeIt, which operates the ETF Trend brand in Korea, has carried out a YouTube project of analyzing the biotech and healthcare industries under the partnership with Korea Investment Partners. Photo courtesy of Korea Investment Partners

YouTube channel offers insights on investment in bio-industry

A mounting number of retail investors are pouring their money into the biotech and healthcare industries as the stock market boomed over the past year despite COVID-19.

However, there have been few reliable analysis on the difficult industries, which sometimes caused reckless investment and big losses of inexperienced investors.

MakeIt, which operates the ETF Trend brand in Korea, tries to fix this by launching a YouTube project of delving into the bio-industries under the cooperation with Korea Investment Partners.

Its YouTube channel, E-Trend, has featured four video clips based on interviews with Korea Investment Partners CEO Hwang Mahn-soon. Six more will be uploaded with other experts, including Bluepoint Partners Director Lee Seung-woo.

As an affiliate of Korea Investment Holdings, one of Korea’s top financial conglomerates, Korea Investment Partners is a leading venture capital and private equity with an impressive track record.

Since its foundation in 1986, the Seoul-based outfit has invested in a flurry of biotech and healthcare companies in their early stage.

Bluepoint Partners is a startup accelerator and early-stage venture capital fund. Director Lee is a medical doctor-turned-investor.

E-Trend of MakeIt is one of the country’s leading economic YouTube channels. The number of its subscribers nears 600,000.

MakeIt has put forth efforts to promote ETF, an exchange-traded fund that tracks an index as compared to index funds.

Last year, the entity also introduced an all-life asset platform (ALAP), the artificial intelligence-powered trading system whose algorithm is incorporated into the latest Samsung Galaxy Tab S7.