BTS World storyline for Jungkook/Courtesy of Netmarble

BTS World will be officially launched on June 26

What would Jimin, V, Jungkook, RM, Suga, J-Hope and Jin would do now if they did not debut as members of K-pop group BTS, which was formed in 2013 by BigHit Entertainment?

Nobody would know in the real world. But fans can imagine in the virtual world, a game called “BTS World” that will be officially launched on June 26.

In the simulation game, a player will become a manager of BTS in 2012. He or she will have to pick up phone calls from BTS members and arrange their schedules.

In other words, the mobile game enables players to virtually interact with BTS members through a one-on-one interactive system.

And Netmarble, a Korean gaming publisher that developed BTS World, came up with storylines for the seven members at its dedicated website.

For example, Jungkook is a talented high school student who’s good at everything he tries. What he really wants to do is Taekwondo, a traditional Korean martial art. As a manager, a player can help him follow his dreams.

RM is a mystery-loving student who dreams of becoming a novelist; Jin is an earnest yet bumbling hotel intern; and Suga is a musical genius and one of the top students in the piano major.

Jimin is an amateur dancer who lives with his grandmother; V is a city boy who is summoned back to the countryside for summer break; and J-Hope is a veterinary medicine student who cares deeply about animals.

As a virtual manager, a player is supposed to nurture BTS members on their quest to become great artists.

Fans express high hopes on the game of Netmarble, also the second-largest shareholder of BigHit Entertainment.

They are in the game what they would do if they are not BTS. That is so great. I love the concept already,” a fan wrote.

Farmer! Yes! I know Tae-hyung would be a farmer. So cute. This game is gonna hook me for hours at a time. Oh boy, thank you,” another fan noted.

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